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Greg Hill began backcountry skiing in 1995 and completely immersed himself in this sport ever since. His enthusiasm and endurance slowly separated him from the pack. Countless days spent skinning up hill, honed his skills till he has become one of the foremost ski mountaineers in Canada. Always pushing deeper into the unknown, be it his personal limits or an unexplored mountain side. He has hundreds of first descents around his home range in British Columbia, Canada, as well as South America, Norway and Pakistan.

Greg has inspired with his videos, talks and articles in all major ski magazines.  

Along the way his adventures have earned him accolades such as

"Top 25 fittest guys in the world" Men's Fitness 2011

'Skiers of the Year" Skiing magazine 2011

"Adventurers of the Year" National Geographic Adventure 2006

A few of his feats....


March Madness 2014, Greg climbed and skied 100 km, or 330 000ft up. It was all backcountry skiing, each day he visited a new area and never repeated any zone.


Climbed and skied 2 million vertical feet (609km)  in 2010, climbing 71 mountains (in both North America and South America) in 266 days of ski-touring (the equivalent of climbing the CN Tower 3 meters a day for an entire year)

First North American to climb and ski 40,000 vertical feet
in 24 hours and ultimately set a World Record of 50,000 in 24 hours

First North American to climb and ski Mt. Blanc (12,000 ) in a day (11 hrs)

Winner of the Whistler BC Randonnee race 3 years in a row (2002-2004)

Pioneered the northern Monashee Traverse (a 21 day ski traverse where he summited 21 peaks along the way)

Over 200 summits gained throughout the world including many first ski descents

Filmed, edited and produced the movie“the Unbearable Lightness of Skiing”, which made the
Banff International Mountain Film Festival and their world tour. This Film has also been shown on The Ski Channel and National Geographic Television

Has planted over a million trees

Photography courtesy of Bruno Long.